Triple Victories for Arizona Families!

Governor Doug Ducey signed historic pro-life legislation on Wednesday, and I am sill overtaken by the weight of this new law, as well as two other critical new laws that protect vulnerable children and female athletes.

We can all celebrate the fact that Arizona will be poised to protect preborn life at the earliest stage the U.S. Supreme Court will allow. If the Court upholds Mississippi’s 15-week abortion limit in the Dobbs case, but doesn’t overturn Roe, Arizona will also have a 15-week limit ready to take effect. It will be the earliest protection since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion throughout the country nearly 50 years ago. Read more about  SB 1164.

What to expect:

  • The Court’s ruling in Dobbs will come down by the end of June. If Dobbs upholds the 15-week abortion ban, Arizona’s law couldn’t take effect until sometime in September, 90 days after the end of the legislative session.
  • Pro-abortion activists will immediately file lawsuits, dragging out implementation of the law as long as possible.
  • Pro-abortion activists will spend millions to get pro-abortion candidates elected so they can pass a radical abortion law in Arizona.
  • One candidate for Maricopa County Attorney has already said she would not prosecute the law if she is elected in November. Yet, defending duly enacted laws is a chief obligation of that office.

Governor Ducey also signed SB 1165, the Save Women’s Sports bill requiring males to play on male or co-ed sports teams only. At the time of signing, he was among 13 governors to do so, with two others vetoing the bill. Incidentally, Utah’s Legislature overrode the veto, passing the commonsense legislation into law. Read more about SB 1165.

What to expect:

  • More states will likely follow suit, passing their own laws protecting girls and women from unfair competition.
  • Activists will likely double down, with the help of news and entertainment media, shame states and elected officials who dare to stand in their way.
  • Activists will increase spending to elect extremist candidates on the state and federal level to overturn such legislation and implement the LGBTQ agenda.

The third bill signed by the Governor prohibits physicians from performing experimental and irreversible gender-related surgeries on minors. Arizona will be a safe haven for children who struggle with their gender, at least when it comes to avoiding the physical and emotional scars of so-called surgical “gender transitioning.” Read more about SB 1138.

What to expect:

  • Much of the same from above: lawsuits, activists spending millions in the coming election, etc.
  • More stories of de-transitioning as the LGBTQ movement presses on and many young people come to regret their decision. Lawmakers heard emotional testimony from one man in particular who lives with the irreversible damage done by living years as a woman. He says one does not just change his mind and go back to being a man once his (or her) reproductive organs have been surgically altered or removed.
  • Long-term studies show those who attempt to “transition” are more likely to suffer from depression and suicidal ideation. Gender-related surgeries do not improve mental health or lower the suicide rates of people struggling with gender conflict. Hear one young woman’s compelling story of being lured into the transgender world, her realization, and her detransition back.

Another Victory!

Arizona lawmakers passed another CAP-supported bill this week. SB 1399 is on its way to the Governor after passing the House with a 31-26-3 vote. It will protect the interest of children looking for forever homes, as well as faith-based foster and adoption agencies by prohibiting the government from discriminating based on religious beliefs.


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  • Read here how abortion laws throughout the world can provide perspective on abortion laws here in the U.S.

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