Gov. Ducey Saves Women’s Sports, Protects Children, Born and Unborn!


A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod, Esq.

Thank you, Governor Ducey for taking a bold stand for women athletes, vulnerable children, and the unborn by putting your signature on SB 1164, SB 1165, and SB 1138 in the face of intense opposition from activists.

The Governor signed historic pro-life legislation today, positioning Arizona to protect unborn babies at the earliest stage of development since Roe v. Wade. SB 1164 will bring Arizona law more in line with science showing the humanity of the unborn. Today’s victory also protects women who will be spared the emotional and physical harms of abortion, including the increased risk of complications that occur in later term abortions.

Also, Governor Ducey is now among more than a dozen governors who have signed legislation that establishes all students can play sports, while ensuring girls and women will compete on a level playing field. His signature on SB 1165 is a victory for all athletes seeking fair competition and a chance to excel in their sport. Fair competition preserves the integrity of the game and the future of female sports, as well as the protections promised in Title IX.

In addition, Arizona will do everything it can to protect vulnerable children struggling with gender confusion. To that end, the Governor signed SB 1138, prohibiting physicians from performing experimental and irreversible gender-related surgeries on children – who are not old enough to buy cigarettes or get a tattoo, but were making life-altering, permanent decisions about their bodies and reproductive futures.

Today, the hard work of the courageous sponsors of these bills, Senators Nancy Barto and Warren Peterson respectively, has paid off to the benefit of Arizona’s future.

Call Governor Ducey and thank him for signing these important bills. Governor’s office: 602-542-4331

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