Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. This, although she could not define the word “woman” and does not have an answer to the question of when life begins.

There is plenty to dislike about Jackson’s appointment to the Court, including the fact she gives no indication she will be fair in deciding abortion law cases.

I signed a letter, joining 39 other pro-life organizations requesting members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee vote against her confirmation. The letter points to hostility Jackson displayed against pro-life advocates who offered prayers and counseling outside abortion clinics. It also revealed Jackson’s financial ties to radical pro-abortion groups that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting the Supreme Court nominee, and the groups’ pledge to spend millions more to “reform” the Court to ensure abortion remains legal.

The letter states the lack of confidence pro-life Americans can have in Jackson’s vow to uphold the U.S. Constitution, “Jackson’s past writings strongly indicate that she may be unable to fairly consider arguments from those politically divergent from her own.”

During her confirmation hearing, Judge Jackson had to address her lenient sentencing of a convicted child pornographer, as well as her inability to define a “woman.” When asked to do so, Jackson responded, “I can’t. Not in this context. I’m not a biologist.” Incidentally, she referred to herself as a woman several times throughout the hearing.

The fact that she refuses to acknowledge the biological reality of a woman tells us all we need to know about Jackson’s worldview. She has clearly bought off on the transgender movement’s aggressive effort to force conformity to a new and growing sexual ethic. How this translates into her decisions from the bench is all too clear.

Al Mohler had a particularly thoughtful analysis of the situation. Listen or read here.

The Senate confirmation vote is expected before the April 11th break.

Capitol Update

It was a remarkable week for life and families! Three critical CAP-supported bills passed the House and head to Governor Ducey’s desk for a signature. We are poised to save the lives of preborn babies at the earliest stage since Roe v Wade!

The Arizona House passed Senator Nancy Barto’s SB 1164, limiting abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. If the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the Mississippi 15-week limit, but does not overturn Roe, Arizona will already have a similar bill in place.

The House also passed Senator Warren Peterson’s SB 1138, which protects children struggling with their gender by prohibiting physicians from performing experimental and irreversible gender-related surgeries on minors.

And after losing the Save Women’s Sports bill to a Covid shutdown in 2020, SB 1165 is on its way to the governor for a signature. The bill, sponsored by Senator Nancy Barto, ensures a fair playing field by requiring biological boys and men to play on male or co-ed teams only.

Call Governor Doug Ducey and ask him to please sign all three bills! Reach him at 602-542-4331 and ask him to sign SB 1138, SB 1164, and SB 1165 into law!


  • Read here how California lawmakers are trying to go beyond codifying Roe into state law by expanding it to include infanticide weeks after birth.
  • Read here how pedophilia is riding the slippery slope of the idea of being “born gay.”
  • Leftist pressure on Disney has led to overt LGBTQ ideology in children’s animated movies. Read here for one example: The latest “Toy Story” film, “Lightyear” will feature a same-sex kiss after Disney workers expressed outrage over a new Florida law limiting sex education for young students.

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