Unanimous AZ House Protects Arizonans with Disabilities

Arizonans with disabilities should not be denied organ transplants. This willful or unintended discrimination has no place in the state’s healthcare system. Today, every Arizona House member on the floor agreed, passing HB 2659 by a vote of 59-0-1.

This unanimous vote sends a clear message to health care providers who fail to recognize that the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disabilities, includes discriminatory denials of organ transplants.

Currently, families have to bring such a claim in federal court, which is a long and expensive process, and not feasible for those facing a life-and-death need for an organ transplant. Representative Steve Kaiser sponsored the bill to help these families in urgent need, and to help clarify and provide guidance to health care providers.

It now heads to the Senate for consideration. Read details in our fact sheet on HB 2659 here.

Another CAP-supported bill advances:

The House also passed HB 2693, which adjusts the dollar amounts for the tax credit for charitable contributions, to bring them in line with the Phoenix consumer price index. Sponsored by Rep. Ben Toma, the bill passed with a vote of 51-8-1. Read it here.


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