Praying Roe Doesn’t See 50

As Roe turns 49 on January 22, Arizona and New Jersey this week move contradicting abortion legislation, reminding us of the battle still ahead, regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court rules in Dobbs this year. Arizona Senator Nancy Barto filed legislation limiting abortion after 15-weeks gestation, and New Jersey passed a bill ensuring abortion remains legal there if Roe v. Wade is overturned and abortion law is returned to state control.

Arizona’s SB 1164 limiting abortion after 15 weeks, would ensure a major victory for the preborn and their mothers if the Supreme Court upholds Mississippi’s 15-week limit in Dobbs. Still, the hope is SB 1164 will be unnecessary because the Court not only upholds the MS law, it goes further and overturns Roe.

Even then, the fight for life will not end. And neither will the need to serve pregnant women and their preborn babies. We want to take this day to highlight the invaluable work of pregnancy resource centers. These are the nonprofit organizations that help women choose life and then help them as they navigate their new lives as mothers.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the selfless women at Hands of Hope Tucson, which is strategically positioned in-between two abortion clinics, poised to rescue women considering an abortion.

Daily, pregnancy resource centers are on the front lines of the pro-life movement, encouraging women to choose life and providing resources to meet women’s needs.

The experience made an impression on CAP’s V.P. of Advancement, Chris St. John, who was with me:

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to tour one of our incredible pregnancy resource centers. In all the years I’ve been with CAP, this was the first time I’ve done so. While I’m rarely without words, I found myself speechless after the meeting with these heroes. They are indeed on the front lines – saving lives, offering grace, hope, and love. – Chris St. John

They also help women who have taken the first of two abortion pills and then changed their minds. Hands of Hope puts them in touch with a nurse who can help facilitate the Abortion Pill Rescue process, potentially saving the baby. Read more about this life saving program here.

Hands of Hope is not alone in meeting the many needs of women faced with unplanned pregnancies. Similar lifesaving ministries are available throughout Arizona. Arizona Life Coalition (ALC) has a list here.

ALC is a statewide alliance for Arizona’s pro-life community. Among its many resources is the CarePortal for Life, a lifeline for women and families, connecting those in need to those who can meet those needs.

Tomorrow – this Saturday, January 15, is the Arizona for Life March and Rally!

Join me and our CAP Team at the march.  Meet us at 6th Ave. and Washington Street in downtown Phoenix between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. tomorrow. The march down Washington Street begins at 11:30 a.m. and ends at the Capitol with a rally from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

We can all relate to the reasons ALC gives for Why We Gather:

We gather for the children in their mother’s womb who cannot speak for themselves. 

We gather for the mother who is afraid, confused, concerned, and who needs others to come alongside her to give support, counsel, and love.

 We gather to give support to the father who may be at a loss in supporting the mother of his child, but he wants to be there for her and their baby. 

 We gather to bring unity in our community for Life and the preciousness of Life, from conception to natural death. 

 We gather to share the common thread of love for our fellow citizens and for the precious gift God has given all of us to live in this world together.

 I look forward to seeing you at the rally tomorrow as we mark what is both a grim anniversary, and a celebration of life. This year we do it with newfound hope that the U.S. Supreme Court might overturn Roe with its ruling in Dobbs.

Let’s pray Roe doesn’t see 50.


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