Families in the Crosshairs

In order to “Build Back Better,” one has to first tear things down. In the case of the $1.7 trillion social spending bill Democrats are now trying to pass, it appears at least one target for demolition is the family.

The social spending bill, whittled down from the original $3.5 trillion, actually incentivizes using government run childcare over parents caring for their own children. The plan calls for massive subsidies for working and middle class families who choose outside childcare, but offers no such financial breaks for stay-at-home parents who raise their own children.

The American Families Plan, which is part of the massive “Build Back Better” social spending framework, would cap the amount families would have to spend on childcare and provide free universal preschool for 3 and 4-year-olds. Of course, taxpayers would foot the bill for “free” preschool and subsidized childcare. But sending parents monthly checks to turn their children over to others is anything but an American Families Plan. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio put it this way, “It is not pro-family to provide cash payments without ensuring that at least one parent has a stable job or a path to getting one, because it makes the family reliant on those cash benefits … A government check can never replace the ability to earn high wages and fulfill the American promise that if you work hard and live responsibly, you and your family will flourish.”

Read more about how the plan unravels work incentives here.

The lofty spending bill throws enough taxpayer money at parents to risk luring them away from the kind of childcare or home care that is best for their children. And if not, the heavily subsidized preschools will put competing facilities, including religiously based preschools, out of business.

Also, what the government pays for, the government controls. The White House ensures these government-controlled preschools will have directives from the federal government including, “developmentally appropriate curriculum, and supportive classroom environments that are inclusive for all students.” They will decide what is developmentally appropriate and inclusive.

After angry parents in Virginia made it clear in last week’s election that they, not the government, direct their children’s education, one would think government-controlled, universal pre-school would be the first idea dropped in the trimming process. But, nope, it’s in there.

Damage done

Ironically, a key incident that surfaced during parental protests in Loudon County, Virginia was the sexual assault of a female student at the hands of a male student dressed like a girl and using the girls’ restroom to attack his victim. Any effort to avoid that in the future by keeping boys and girls in separate restrooms violates the now passed infrastructure bill.

Under Sec. 60307 reads, “No individual in the United States may, on the basis of actual or perceived race, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation… be subject to discrimination…” (my emphasis). This applies to anyone participating in or benefitting from any of the programs or activities funded in the bill. They are forced to accept the government’s view of sex and gender identity.

In real terms, this means business owners who hold the historical and biological view of human sexuality, including religiously based beliefs, face the choice of compliance or losing their livelihood.

The U.S. House last week passed the Senate version of the infrastructure bill, sending it to the President for his signature.

How Arizona lawmakers voted:

All Democrat House members from Arizona voted for the infrastructure bill

No Republican House members from Arizona voted in favor of the infrastructure bill

Both U.S. Senators from Arizona – Mark Kelly (D) and Kyrsten Sinema (D) – voted for the infrastructure bill

What you can do

It’s too late for the infrastructure bill, but the $1.7 trillion social spending bill is not a done deal. The Congressional Budget Office is still working on scoring the bill and at least one Democrat senator is concerned about the cost of it and rising inflation, so more could be cut. It could also be killed altogether.

 Call your U.S. lawmakers and urge them to vote NO on the $1.7 trillion social spending bill.

Reach your U.S. Representative here.

Reach your U.S. Senators here.


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