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So much news recently demands our attention. In this week’s 5 Minutes for Families, we share some key developments, as well as some helpful tools to equip pro-life advocates and parents to answer arguments and combat wokeness.

Making a case against Roe

Mississippi’s Attorney General filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court this week replying to the claims of pro-abortion attorneys in the case before the Court challenging Roe and Casey (Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization). Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch says the abortion attorneys “drive home the stark reality: Roe and Casey are indefensible.”

Respondents do not claim that constitutional text or structure establishes a right to abortion. And they do not seriously argue that Roe and Casey are correct as an original matter. Their defense of Casey is to repeat its reasoning … Respondents urge that no factual developments support abandoning Roe and Casey. Yet respondents deny the decades of leaps forward in policy, society, medicine, and science that have continued to “unmask” how baseless and arbitrary Roe and Casey are.

Countering abortion with 12 truths

With Roe v. Wade’s potential fall on the horizon, pro-abortion activists are stepping up their fight, using spurious arguments to win the debate. Read here how you can be equipped with “12 pro-life truths to counter every abortion myth.”

The Roe ruling highlighted the greatest logical flaw in support for abortion: for abortion to be illegal at some point before birth (and even most pro-choice Americans agree it should be illegal in the very late stages), you have to pick that point in time. But when?

Abortion argument makes absurd leap

What was once sold as a reluctant necessary evil is now embraced as a societal good, even by those claiming to belong to the church. Read or listen here about the move by at least one “minister” who “contends for abortion as a moral good.”

Quoting the minister, Al Mohler writes,

’And in a world where the dominant Christian voices insist that abortion is morally wrong, it is time for those Christians who believe otherwise to say loudly and clearly that abortion can be a moral good.’ So, in just a matter of a few sentences here, in a matter of just one paragraph, we are told that the decision to end a pregnancy can be a morally good decision, we are told that it’s time for those Christians who believe in that argument to say loudly and clearly that abortion can be a moral good. So, there’s the big leap. Now, we’ve actually seen, we’ve witnessed ourselves in this article the leap over that vast canyon of common sense. 

Watch: Emotional plea for life

If you missed Ben Domenech’s compelling argument for protecting the preborn, it is a must watch. Hear his plea for the most vulnerable here.

Abortion is no longer accepted as an unobjectionable good. The ‘shout your abortion’ movement, where women are encouraged by the pro-abortion lobby to boast about killing their children comes across desperate and sad. Decades of ultrasound pictures on refrigerators and women brave enough to talk about miscarriage and loss have a way of changing minds.

Tools to combat wokeness in school

The growing resistance to objectionable material in public schools signals an awakening in parents to regain their control over what public schools teach their children. A new group, called Parents Unite is helping equip parents for the fight. Read here for “7 tools to combat wokeness in K-12 education.”

About 100 educators, parents, students, and thought leaders gathered earlier this month in Boston for Parents Unite’s “Diversity of Thought in K-12 Education” conference. Speakers addressed the rise of critical race theory and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” ideology within public and private schools, and what parents can do to combat what the group sees as radical indoctrination of the next generation. 

Bold experts challenge trans ideology

In the face of almost universal affirmation of the “transgender” ideology on the part of the medical industry, some dare to push back. Read here about an unlikely ally of those fighting the destructive transgender craze, especially regarding minors.

Dr. Cantor compared the way gender dysphoria is dominating the mental health conversation, particularly when it comes to children, with what happened in the 1980s and 90s when a craze over repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse swept the field. It was eventually rejected as pseudoscience, but not before it wrecked countless lives and families.




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