Governor Affirms: Parents in Charge, Patients Protected

The Governor’s signature on HB 2035 today sends a clear message that parents are in charge of their children’s education and upbringing, and they should be privy to sexuality related curriculum. Likewise, his signature on HB 2386 ensures patients with disabilities are protected from discrimination during a public health crisis.

Governor Ducey vetoed SB 1456 earlier in the session, concerned the bill would eliminate abuse prevention instruction.  HB 2035 carries all the weight of SB 1456, but clarifies such prevention instruction is permissible. That cleared the way for the Governor’s affirmation of parental rights in Arizona.

A special thanks to Representative Gail Griffin and Senator Nancy Barto, for not giving up on getting HB 2035 through the legislative process. The newly enacted law will ensure parents have access to any sexuality related curricula, and have control over whether their child will participate in such sensitive instruction. Also, schools will no longer be allowed to provide sex education prior to fifth grade.

The new law does not prohibit or dictate any curriculum in grades 5-12, it merely ensures parents opt their children into curricula on sexuality if they want their children to participate.

The bill passed both the Arizona House and Senate along party lines. Arizonans can be thankful for lawmakers and a Governor willing to stand against extreme views, and protect the rights of parents over government to raise their children.

HB 2386 ensures the allocation of health care resources be made on the basis of valuing all life; therefore the AZ Department of Health Services’ Crisis Care Standards are now made according to short-term survival, not life expectancy. Again, it was Representative Gail Griffin and Senator Nancy Barto who initiated the process.

These victories showcase the incredible teamwork of both lawmakers, and what is possible when we never give up!

The bill passed with bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.

The bills will go into effect at the end of September.

Thank Governor Ducey for standing up for parents’ and patients’ rights!

 Call his office at (602) 542-4331, or send him an email here.

 Thank you for your engagement on these issues!

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