Did You See What They Did There?

For many of us, June has been about summertime vacations and family weddings. If you are not yet aware that June now is the designated “Pride Month,” it’s critical to be alert to the culture shift going on around us. This is especially true because the frequent targets of this new cultural designation are children.

Each new step in the ever-changing sexual mores of society starts out subtle, once accepted, it’s a freight train. For those who have not been lulled into the new cultural ethic, the latest preschool cartoon will shock – and it’s just the beginning.

Just six years after the U.S. Supreme Court effectively legislated same sex marriage throughout the country, a popular children’s cartoon attempts to hide nothing with its The Blues Clues Pride Parade Sing-Along featuring “families” representing every letter in the LBGTQ+ spectrum. The segment, intended for preschool children, features a “trans” beaver with mastectomy scars. You probably have children or grandchildren, or have friends whose children watch and love the popular cartoon.

The blatant targeting of children begs the question, why? Why, if this is not an agenda driven movement but an organic, natural progression, would there be a need to shape the developing minds of our youngest kids?

The subtle introduction started years ago with Disney characters donned in rainbow heart t-shirts and the occasional phrase, “love is love” thrown into a popular kid’s show. The attempt to normalize the evolving sexual ethic of our day has reached the point where a preschool sing-along is led by an animated drag queen singing, “This is a family of kings and queens…” and “Ace, Bi and Pan grown-ups you see, can all love each other so proudly…”

The pressure to embrace, even celebrate the rejection of cultural and sexual norms leads to yet another boundary crossed.  For Kohl’s, that means covertly introducing the idea of polyamory or polygamy with a picture of a man with his arms around two women who are holding the hands of a child. It’s all part of the company’s elaborate celebration of “Pride Month”, which now shows up on calendars like a national holiday, and bombards the senses in an array of color everywhere you go.

All of this challenges parents who continue to stand firm in long-held, widely understood beliefs of human sexuality and the value of the natural family. These beliefs reach beyond the obvious religious understanding of created man and woman, to a basic acceptance of biology.

The rights of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs, religious or otherwise, is under constant assault. You see it in nearly every TV or social media ad our kids stumble across. The message comes through loud and clear in the toys they play with and even in the candycookies, and cereal they eat; Snap, Crackle and Pop are proud.

The attempt to blur the lines of humanity and eviscerate the family is an attack on the creator who made each of us in His image, and none of us in the wrong body. He created marriage and He created family, but as Al Mohler points out, “If ‘family’ can mean anything, then it means nothing.”

As parents, we must be diligent in teaching our children truth. As Christians, we must love everyone, knowing we are all created in the image of God. But we cannot mistake affirmation for love as society pushes boundaries beyond the imagination. We keep our eyes open both to the reality of what culture is suggesting, and to what we know is right.

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