Keep Praying!

One of the most powerful acts for the good of our country happened yesterday as heads bowed and knees bent in submission to God on the 70th annual National Day of Prayer.

The official theme asked, “LORD pour out Your LOVE, LIFE, and LIBERTY” on the nation. Organizers of the annual prayer event this year remind us to focus on the love of God, the life we fight to protect, and the liberty we enjoy in America.

Dr. Brian Arnold of the Phoenix Seminary reminds us that even in a time of division and hostility, we are called to pray for our leaders. He cites 1 Timothy 2, which tells us to pray for those in authority, and 1 Peter 2:17, which calls us to honor the government that God has established. Dr. Arnold writes, “And so on this National Day of Prayer, let us pray for our President and our other elected officials. Let’s pray that laws would be just for everyone in society. Let’s pray that divisions would be healed, that lives would be protected, and that justice would be served.”

I had the privilege of praying on the topic of education at the National Day of Prayer event at the state Capitol. I prayed first for parents, the main educators of children. I then took the opportunity to pray that the Lord would rise up God-fearing men and women to run for school boards in our state. I prayed they would respond to the calling to serve where they would make decisions that literally affect each child’s life in profound ways. I prayed godly men and women would choose to serve in all areas of education.

At CAP, we pray daily for the opportunity to promote educational freedom and parental rights, to help preserve the lives of the preborn, and we thank God for the freedom to live out our faith. We are especially grateful this year for the ability to work with state legislators on over 20 bills promoting the foundational values we share with so many Arizonans.

A few didn’t make it through committee, but these are a sampling of CAP-supported bills that passed, or that pro-life, pro-family lawmakers are still working on at the Capitol:

HB 2648 would deem religious organization essential during a public emergency like the pandemic. It is awaiting floor debate and vote in the Senate.

SB 1254 ensures Arizona’s Department of Health Services displays comprehensive adoption information in a prominent place on its website so Arizonans can easily access this critical information, whether they are seeking to adopt or facing an unplanned pregnancy. Governor Ducey signed it into law.

SB 1457 protects preborn babies with genetic conditions from discriminatory abortions; preserves commonsense safety regulations recently under attack by the abortion industry; ensures Arizona laws are interpreted to value all human life; prohibits public institutions from performing abortions or experimenting with aborted human remains, and it requires dignified burial or cremation of the remains of aborted babies. Governor Ducey signed it into law.

SB 1041 would increase the cap on Lexie’s Law, which is a corporate tax credit program that helps children with disabilities attend the school that best meets their needs. The cap hasn’t been increased since the law was enacted 12 years ago. It is awaiting House Rules Committee Hearing.

SB 1452 would help low-income students attend the school that best suits their needs by allowing them eligibility to receive an Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA). It is awaiting House Rules Committee Hearing.

SB 1273 would allow Arizona students who receive school tuition organization scholarships (STOs) to use the money to pay for school-sponsored extracurricular activities such as athletic uniforms, lab materials, and exam fees. It’s awaiting floor consideration in the House.

HB 2575 would ensure hospitalized patients receive visits from clergy in their final days. Signed by the Governor.

SCR 1009 calls on the U.S. Congress to enact the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to ensure babies born alive during an abortion are not denied basic medical care. Transmitted to the Governor.

HB 2809 would enact commonsense regulations on the sale and advertising of recreational marijuana. It is awaiting a Senate Rules Committee Hearing.

Remember to follow all CAP-supported bills on our BILL TRACKER.


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