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If there was any question about the pro-abortion movement shifting away from the pro-choice message, straight to an unabashed pro-abortion stance, the question has been answered.

During a House Judiciary committee hearing this week at the Arizona Capitol, pro-abortion activists unleashed a not-so-subtle attack on pro-life legislation. CAP-supported bill, SB 1457, sponsored by Senator Nancy Barto, would prohibit abortion based on genetic abnormalities like Down syndrome, and it would prohibit the abortion pill being sent through the mail, circumventing commonsense safety precautions. It would also protect our tax dollars from supporting abortion, by prohibiting the state from contracting with abortion clinics or their affiliates. The bill also acknowledges the dignity of all human life by requiring respectful treatment of aborted remains.

Any safety precaution for women seeking an abortion, any protection for vulnerable preborn babies – even protection from discrimination for those with disabilities – draws the ire of those committed to the abortion industry.

Here is a sampling of resistance to SB 1457 from this week’s hearing:

This is a misogynistic bill. It allows another’s voice in what we decide to do with my body. It’s my body, my voice, my choice! … Why do men get a say in this? … And why aren’t we talking about the man’s role in this? “ – Rep. Melody Hernandez

The bill enshrines one religious view into law… Different religions believe different things about when life begins … talking about [life] beginning at conception goes to religion, enshrines one religion’s viewpoint into law.”- Rep. Melody Hernandez

“It denies women equal rights of personhood and takes the rights of women … gives them to a fetus.” – Lynn Paltro, Director, National Advocates for Pregnant Women

“This is another attempt of overreach by government.” – Rep. Cesar Chavez

“It’s a dangerous and extreme government interference.” – Dr. Susan Bailey, President, AMA

The argument that SB 1457 has anything to do with enshrining one religion into law is completely baseless. Much of the rest is hyperbole. Thankfully, several members on the committee spoke out in favor of SB 1457, and passed it out of committee with a 6-4 vote. It will now go to the full House for consideration.

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The 28th Amendment?

The U.S. House passed a joint resolution Wednesday to remove the Equal Rights Amendment deadline – from 1979 and 1982. The House voted 222-204 to retroactively remove the deadline, hoping to pave the way to making the ERA the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

This, after a federal judge recently ruled the ERA deadline expired long ago. Virginia passed the ERA last year, bringing the number of states to pass it to 38, the total needed to ratify the amendment. But Virginia and two other states passed the amendment decades after the deadline passed.

There is a reason for this recent push to ratify the ERA long after its deadline, and well after the U.S. Supreme Court consistently ruled women are equal under the 14th Amendment. Abortion activists believe they can use the ERA to enshrine abortion into the U.S. Constitution and roll back commonsense regulations on abortion. They argue the ERA prohibits any legal discrimination between men and women, which means any limitation on abortion is discrimination against women. Al Mohler breaks it down and explains the process here.

The resolution goes to the Senate for a vote, but even then, its future is uncertain. Still, it is important to note that this is another sweeping piece of legislation quickly being pushed through Congress.

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