Victory for Arizona Girls and Women!

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, March 03, 2020
Contact: Cathi Herrod

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

Girls and women in Arizona scored a big victory this evening in the AZ House, but only by a slim margin. Many house members voted against preserving a level playing field for female athletes, and fought hard to try to kill the bill.

Thankfully, 31 courageous state representatives stood strong for Arizona girls and women and passed HB2706, ensuring only biological females compete in female sports.

By a vote of 31 -29 HB2706 passed the full Arizona House, sending the equal opportunity bill to the Arizona Senate.

The U.S. Congress passed Title IX nearly 50-years ago to ensure female athletes received equal opportunity in sports and education. Since then, girls and women have displayed their skill and followed their dreams all the way to the Olympics.

HB2706 only recently became necessary to preserve Title IX protections, as a growing trend of biological males identifying as females have handily beaten girls and women on the track, in the field, and in the ring.

The fact that male athletes have a physical advantage over females is undeniable.

It’s evident in the case of three female, high school track athletes in Connecticut who went from breaking records, to knowing they will never win another race when two biological boys identifying as girls take a lane. Girls deserve a fair shot at their sport.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Nancy Barto summed it up, “This bill is not anti-anything, it is pro-women and pro-girl.”

Rep. Warren Petersen read testimony from a biological male identifying as a female who agrees and fully supports the bill. The letter read in part, “Our gender identities are not under attack, because the distinction in athletics is not based on one’s gender identity, but sex, and those are very important distinctions…gender identity is …unquantifiable. However, sex is quantifiable – and in the subject of sports, is especially relevant.”

Female athletes throughout the state can breathe a sigh of relief tonight because of the courage of 31 state representatives who voted for women and girls in the face of an unrelenting false narrative.

Arizona senators who support girls and women can boldly support HB2706, which contrary to claims, does not prohibit any student from playing sports. It simply determines on which team a student will play.


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