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Don’t take your cues from the headlines, or even some of the new laws being proposed. Much of what you hear or read does not reflect where Arizona really is on the issues. In fact, most Arizonans likely agree with you on key concerns.

On Tuesday, Center for Arizona Policy Action released the findings from its survey of Arizonan’s attitudes on key issues impacting freedom. Commissioned by CAP Action and conducted by The Resolute Group, the survey found overwhelming support of religious freedom – even when their religious beliefs are unpopular. There’s more.

On protecting religious freedom:

  • More than 64% of Arizonans oppose laws that undermine religious freedom.
  • Nearly 77% of Arizonans say they support religious freedom and believe that Americans should be free to peacefully live and work according to their beliefs, even if their beliefs are unpopular.
  • More than 64% oppose “non-discrimination” laws when they threaten creative professionals with religious beliefs, such as florists, cake bakers, photographers, etc.

On sexual orientation and gender identity “non-discrimination” laws:

  • Nearly half (47.8%) of Arizonans oppose new protected classes in civil rights laws for sexual orientation and gender identity. Less than 40% want new protected classes for either or both.
  • More than 68% of Arizonans are concerned about both LGBTQ and religious discrimination.
  • Even when Arizona voters believe LGBTQ discrimination happens either a lot or sometimes, they oppose “non-discrimination” laws.

On protecting women and girls:

  • A full 63% oppose “non-discrimination” laws when they threaten the safety and privacy of women and girls.

On sex education:

  • More than 61% of Arizonans want to end the teaching of sex-ed AT LEAST through 4th Only 30% want no grade limitations on sex-ed.

So, when you are told lawmakers must pass sweeping legislation to protect against discrimination, you are not alone in your hesitation. Most Arizonans share your concern about the devastating consequences of such laws on long held religious rights, parental rights, and the fundamental right to disagree. And with good reason.


  • The Equal Rights Amendment is dead, according to the Department of Justice. The DOJ attorney says the 1982 deadline stands and Congress cannot enact the 1972 amendment, even if Virginia becomes the 38th state to ratify it this month.
  • “Planned Parenthood’s New Annual Report Proves Abortion is its Mission” National Review reports
  • Join us on the Arizona legislative session’s opening day, January 13th for CAP’s Annual Capitol Prayer Walk.

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