An Unlikely Alliance?

Pastors shepherd God’s church, and it could be said lawmakers are shepherds of the government. Imagine what can be done when the two come together. Not for lawmakers to dictate sermons, or pastors to dictate policy – but when dynamic relationships are forged between the two.

What some might think is an unlikely alliance, can actually better equip both lawmakers and churches to meet the needs of local communities. It also helps pastors and churches equip their congregations to see government through the lens of Scriptures, rather than through the lens of partisan politics.

When our pastors come alongside our legislators, get to know them, pray for them, and share the timeless truths of Scripture regarding their personal lives and in their responsibility as governing officials, God moves.

Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) is excited to embark on a new endeavor called the Arizona Capitol Project, which aims to bring these two shepherds together to better serve our communities and congregations.

The Arizona Capitol Project is a reset in CAP’s relationship with local churches. Instead of encouraging pastors to join with CAP’s mission, we want to facilitate a powerful partnership between the shepherds of the Church and the shepherds of government.

The Arizona Capitol Project is based on a successful model used in eight other Family Policy Councils throughout the country. Starting with our friends at the Family Leader in Iowa, it has brought cultural transformation through the Gospel, prayer, and church engagement. Nothing has more potential to change lives and culture than a praying, engaged local church. A church inspired by leaders who pray with and are engaged with local government authorities.

It has been said that God’s people can influence culture by either fixing what is wrong with it, creating what is needed, restoring what is damaged, or celebrating what is good. What better way to learn how to fill these needs than partnering with those empowered to affect culture?

There is a lot more to share with you about the Arizona Capitol Project in the weeks and months to come. I share this with you now because you have made it possible. And I invite you to commit to partnering with us in 2020 as this endeavor unfolds.

We have a plan, and we have a successful model to follow. The Arizona Capitol Project will enter a soft launch phase during the 2020 legislative session and launch in earnest in 2021. But right now, we need you to help make with vision a reality. Please prayerfully consider supporting CAP in this new venture and celebrate with us as the shepherds of the Church come together to minister to the spiritual needs of the shepherds of government.

We can’t do it without the financial support provided by partners like you.

Thank you for your commitment in 2019! Please continue that partnership in 2020, as we take on this new project, in addition to our core mission of advocating for you and your family at the Arizona Capitol by making a year-end contribution right now. It’s a new and critical component of CAP’s efforts to contend steadfastly for you and your family!

Thank you!


  • Join us on Monday, January 13 at 7:00 a.m. as we gather at the flag pole at the State Capitol to pray for the upcoming legislative session, our government leaders, and the branches of government.
  • Updated Policy Pages available: parental rights under Arizona law, educational freedom in Arizona, harms of abortion, religious freedom for K-12 students, harms of pornography, Arizona abortion laws, and many more.
  • Timothy Padgett writes a thoughtful Christmas essay looking at the bigger picture of God’s greatest gift in the Colson Center’s Break Point.
  • Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George call out those in the medical community who embrace “unethical” gender affirming treatments in a recent The Public Discourse

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