BREAKING NEWS: Armed With Facts

Sometimes a meme or social media post just won’t do. Talking points go only so far. When trying to form an opinion about an important policy issue, or discussing it with others, nothing replaces good, solid facts.

News media coverage and law titles are poor educators. But keeping up on all the Arizona laws affecting abortion, marriage and families, and religious freedom can be daunting. CAP’s V.P. of Policy & General Counsel Michael Clark can attest to it. He spent countless hours researching several key issues, and compiling 16 fact sheets we call Policy Pages.

Unveiled today, our new and greatly improved Policy Pages include some much-needed updates to our research from years ago, as well as new topics that have only recently made headlines. All are current, informative, and fully researched and cited so you know what you are reading is accurate and reliable.

Do you know all the abortion laws in Arizona? Or want to know your rights as a parent when navigating the public education system, or healthcare? Policy Pages breaks down the key issues with an overview, analysis, references to relevant Arizona laws, links to resources, a conclusion, meaningful talking points, and citations.

Click on the Policy Page image below and browse our topics. We will update each page as laws change and new information emerges. We will also continue to add to the list as pertinent topics arise.

CAP is so excited to unveil this valuable resource to help inform Arizonans of the facts surrounding today’s controversial topics. Please add the webpage to your bookmarks, and reference it often as the issues arise during legislative session and the coming election.

We are so grateful to our ministry friends who have made possible this project and all else we do at Center for Arizona Policy. Please consider partnering with us to keep our efforts ongoing.

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