Ten Years – More Than One Life Saved

Ten years ago, Abby Johnson walked out of her executive level job at Planned Parenthood. Since then, Abby has become one of the most consequential leaders of the pro-life movement, advocating for both women and preborn children. I encourage you to take time to listen to the Engage Arizona podcast featuring my frank discussion with Abby. We discussed the pro-life movement today, the call to love women and families, and the need for accurate information on the harms of abortion and the industry profiting off women and children.

The movie sharing Abby’s story, based on her book Unplanned, has reached millions of people with the pro-life, pro-woman message. Her ministry, And Then There Were None (ATTWN), has helped more than 530 former abortion-industry workers exit the abortion industry and move towards healing.

In the last few weeks, Abby launched a new project, ProLove Ministries, “to assist pro-life organizations of all kinds,” start-ups and existing organizations, with funding, marketing, leasing, strategic planning, and other resources.

Abby also has produced a two-part video sharing the story of Mayra Rodriguez, the former Planned Parenthood Arizona worker who won a wrongful termination suit against the abortion giant (videos part 1and part 2). Abby and I discussed Mayra’s case on our podcast, More Than One Life Saved (beginning at 15:26). Pay particular attention to the discussion about the sworn testimony from Planned Parenthood Arizona’s CEO, in which he admitted he didn’t investigate a fifty percent higher rate of abortion complications by one of Planned Parenthood’s abortionists because the rate was within normal ranges (16:08). Trial documents also show that the rate of complications from medication abortions, also known as chemical abortions, was significantly higher than the rate for surgical abortions (19:05).

You Too Can Save Babies and Women

Consider the following ways to be equipped to know how to persuade others about the dangers of abortion and the life-saving services available:


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