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Americans who affirm life have had reason to celebrate this past year as several states passed strong pro-life legislation and Planned Parenthood lost $60 million of Title X funding used to subsidize their abortion business. As pro-life advocates moved to protect innocent life, pro-abortion activists doubled down on their agenda, supporting abortion up to the point of birth.

The battle lines are drawn in an exceedingly divided nation. So virulent are abortion activists in their quest to advance “abortion rights,” they resort to even attacking pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) — organizations committed to helping and caring for women through unplanned pregnancies.

They are unlikely targets of attack, considering the many services they provide and the many needs they meet.

You may have a general idea of what PRCs do, but it will warm your heart and encourage you to learn of the many ways they serve the community.

CAP sat down recently with the leaders of three local PRCs to discuss their experiences on the front lines, what they hear from women considering abortion, how they are meeting needs, and how you can be involved.

Listen now on Center for Arizona Policy’s Engage Arizona podcast.

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You can find out more about the pregnancy resource centers on the podcast here:

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