NEWS RELEASE: Arizona Senate Defeats Pro-Life Measure Leaving Struggling Pregnant Mothers on Their Own

For Immediate Release
Monday, May 27, 2019
Contact: Cathi Herrod, Esq.

Arizona Senate Defeats Pro-Life Measure Leaving Struggling Pregnant Mothers on Their Own

A Statement from Cathi Herrod President of Center for Arizona Policy

At a time when millions of dollars flow to the abortion industry from the federal government, it truly is a travesty that our state government cannot secure the votes necessary to value the needs of pregnant women who often are not aware of their options.The failure by Arizona Senators tonight to pass legislation enacting the Family Health Pilot Program is especially tragic, as just one vote stood in the way of the potential life-saving law. The final vote, 15-14-1.

This program was designed to reach pregnant women with services to enable them to continue their pregnancies. A similar program in Texas has had outstanding results. It found social and economic challenges, including finances, employment and stable housing concerns led many women to consider abortion. By addressing these concerns, 53% of clients in the Texas program chose not to abort. This is news all Arizonans should have been able to celebrate.

Tonight’s defeat means women will not be served. Pregnant women who often are not aware of the services available to them will not receive needed counseling, a comprehensive care program, and childbirth and parenting classes.

Let’s be clear regarding various statements made about the lack of funding for the Crisis Response Network’s 211 funding in the budget: Center for Arizona Policy proposed an amendment that was accepted by the proponents. The amendment would have continued Arizona’s policy of not providing funding for abortion-related entities in any form. With the amendment agreement, we were neutral on the bill.

Despite the rhetoric on the Senate floor, the Family Health Pilot Program had nothing to do with 211. The lack of 211 funding is unrelated to the need to provide pregnant women with the services offered through the proposed pilot program.

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