BREAKING NEWS: Parental Rights Victory: Simon’s Law Signed


What began as heartbreak, has become a potentially life-saving measure for children in states throughout the country – today, Arizona is among them.

Governor Doug Ducey signed into law Simon’s Law, HB 2122, securing parental rights and potentially saving children’s lives. The law requires parental notification before a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order is placed on a minor’s medical chart.

Three-month-old Simon was the inspiration for the law after his parents discovered a secret DNR on his chart. Simon suffered from Trisomy 18 and spent his short life in the hospital. His parents were hopeful heart surgery would help and he could overcome the odds. They watched him die, not knowing a DNR had been placed on his medical chart. Because of the order, no effort was made to save his life when his oxygen levels dropped.

Simon’s parents have turned their tragedy into a mission to ensure it never happens to another family. Arizona lawmakers embraced the legislation and passed it through both the Arizona House and Senate.

Today’s signature by Governor Ducey means doctors must notify parents of their desire to place a DNR on the minor’s chart, and allow them the opportunity to transfer the child to another hospital if they disagree.

Join me in thanking Governor Ducey and Simon’s Law sponsor, Rep. Nancy Barto, for standing up for parental rights in Arizona.

To learn more about Simon’s Law, check our fact sheet for details.You can also learn more by listening to our Engage Arizona podcast episode with Sheryl Crosier.

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