AVAILABILITY: Don’t Revive the ERA

AVAILABILITY: Don’t Revive the ERA

Don’t March for 38, Make it 47- One for Every Year the ERA Has Been Dead

Proponents of the Equal Rights Amendment demand for women what they already possess. As they march, consider the facts: Women are already equal and protected under the Fourteenth Amendment and countless federal, state, and local statutes – including those that prohibit unequal pay.

The ERA conflates equality with sameness, erasing any distinction between men and women.  That’s dangerous. We can provide details of the sweeping consequences of the 1972 ERA.

The Center for Arizona Policy is available for comment on the ERA Monday, March 11, 2019.  Call 856-607-4208

And let’s not forget – the deadline came and went 47 years ago. The U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged it by ruling related pending cases moot.

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