NEWS RELEASE: Repealing Lifesaving Measures, Not an Arizona Value

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

At a time when extreme abortion laws out of New York and Virginia stop us in our tracks and beg the question, “what is the value of human life?” some Arizona lawmakers see an opportunity to pounce. Even as most are questioning the scope of abortion and affirming the need for commonsense restrictions, others want to repeal safeguards for babies born alive during abortion.

Several Arizona lawmakers proposed HB 2696 yesterday, a bill that would strip away a chance at life for babies born alive during an abortion. Instead, they would allow the baby to fight for its life alone on a table. These are not Arizona values.

The Delivered Alive bill of 2017 requires any physician performing an abortion where a baby is delivered alive to see that all available means and medical skills are used to promote, preserve, and maintain that life. This is something we should all be able to agree on, regardless of one’s position on abortion. Babies born alive have a right to a chance at life.

The introduction of such an inhumane bill reveals how out of touch some lawmakers are to the majority of people they represent. Arizonans do not support the extreme abortion laws peddled by abortion activists.

We join the majority of Arizonans and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who stand with a baby’s right to live when it survives an abortion attempt.

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