NEWS RELEASE: A 46-Year March Toward Science

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

“Any anniversary marking another year under Roe v Wade is nothing to celebrate, but I do find reason this day to be hopeful. I am hopeful because science is on our side. Medical and technological advancements always affirm life. From the establishment of DNA at time of conception, to a detectable heartbeat at just six weeks gestation, science makes a pro-life case.

Science has caught up with Roe, surpassing the outdated ideas that drove the initial push for abortion so many years ago. After 46 years, we are no longer in the dark about how abortion ends a life and hurts the mother who goes through it.

That is why states around the country, including Arizona, are electing pro-life legislators and passing commonsense regulations on abortion. But, even as states like Ohio acknowledge science by passing a bill to restrict abortion after a heartbeat is detected, others are ignoring that same science and bulldozing ahead with the abortion activists agenda.

They cannot stand on science, nor can they make a reasonable argument for abortion in the face of all it reveals about life in the womb. So, now they move to cement legal abortion in our constitution with the revival of the Equal Rights Amendment. The recent push for the ERA could effectively enshrine abortion into the U.S. Constitution by conflating equality with sameness when it comes to health care.

But all the deceptive maneuvering doesn’t change what science proves: A life begins at conception and abortion ends it.”

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