NEWS RELEASE: Arizona is Number One!

Arizona is number one! For the second year in a row the nation’s top pro-life legal organization has ranked Arizona the #1 pro-life state. Today, Americans United for Life (AUL) released its 14th annual “Life List,” putting Arizona at the top due to our state’s commitment to provide women and their children the most legal protections.

“It’s clear Arizona values women and their preborn children,” says Center for Arizona Policy President, Cathi Herrod, “Arizona is committed to providing the best care for mothers and the preborn children they carry. That is why legislators passed the abortion reporting law last year. Reporting statutes will provide critical information and data for policymakers as they seek to improve women’s health and wellbeing. Perhaps even more importantly, it will help identify victims of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and incest. These vulnerable women deserve the protection this law provides.”

Herrod credits Arizona citizens for electing pro-life lawmakers, and the lawmakers themselves for their bravery in crafting policy that truly protects and provides for women and their preborn babies, “It is not always easy to do the right thing when pro-abortion activists misrepresent their intentions. So, I applaud the courage of Arizona’s pro-life lawmakers to vote for pro-life laws, Governor Ducey for signing pro-life laws, and Attorney General Brnovich for defending pro-life laws in court.”

Arizona also held the coveted #1 spot on the “Life List” in 2018, and has been named among AUL’s “All Star” states in the past. Arizona climbed from #29 on the list in 2009, to #1 the last two years.

Arizona is followed by Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas in the top five.  AUL released the “Life List” and its latest version of its flagship publication, Defending Life, known as “America’s Playbook for Life” just over a week before the annual March for Life at the nation’s capital. As part of her continued commitment to affirming life, Cathi Herrod will, again, attend the march in Washington D.C.

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