CAP-Supported Bills Go Into Effect!

Several CAP-supported bills passed by the Arizona legislature and signed by Governor Ducey during the 2018 legislative session became effective on August 3. These measures specifically promote life, parental rights, educational opportunities, free speech, and religious freedom.

Ministry friends, like yourself, have made these legislative victories possible!

  • SB 1393 Parental Right to Embryo gives in vitro embryos a better chance at life by requiring courts in a divorce proceeding to award in vitro embryos to the spouse that wants them for the purpose of having children.
  • SB 1394 Abortion Reporting improves abortion reporting requirements, and provides an opportunity for women who are being coerced into an abortion to get the help they need. This new law will become effective after December 31, 2018.
  • SB 1473 Child Safety shortens the time period to find forever homes for babies in the foster care system.
  • HB 2460 School Sale Equity gives private and charter schools a better chance at purchasing school district property that is for sale by prohibiting school districts from withdrawing a property for sale or lease solely because a private or charter school is the highest bidder.
  • HB 2461 School Zoning Equity makes sure private schools are not overburdened by local zoning ordinances, but instead are treated the same as charter schools in zoning acreage requirements.
  • HB 2563 Campus Free Speech strengthens free speech rights of college students at public universities and colleges.
  • HB 2536 Homeschool Dual Enrollment allows homeschool students to participate in the dual enrollment program and receive college credit. This bill became effective when it was signed by the Governor on March 29, 2018.

In addition to these CAP-supported bills, CAP successfully worked to oppose over 75 “bad bills” that undermined the foundational principles of life, marriage and family, and religious freedom.

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