Your 2018 Primary Election Voter Guide Is Here!

Today is the day! Center for Arizona Policy’s Revitalized 2018 Primary Election Voter Guide is now available at

Now in its 20th Edition, the Voter Guide equips Arizona voters with the information they need on the candidates in this Primary Election.

And the online Voter Guide is a the perfect companion tool to get even more information on the candidates and races specific to your district!

Arizona’s August 28 Primary Election is just weeks away! is now live and more robust than ever before thanks to thousands of Arizonans like you! Would you take two minutes and help the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) team promote and distribute tens of thousands of printed 2018 Primary Voter Guides? Your contribution also helps continue to be the preeminent online resource reaching hundreds of thousands of Arizona voters!

There is a target on Arizona this election season and millions of dollars are pouring in from out of state in an effort to influence this election. We need informed Arizonans like you to get informed and vote!

Remember, it’s Your Voice, Your Values, and Your Vote!

We are asking Arizonans like you to partner with us to raise the funds needed to get the 2018 Primary Election Voter Guide and to Arizona voters this election season.

$100,000 is our goal!

Yes, this is an ambitious goal, but together we can do it! Together we can fund the Guide and get it into the hands of neighbors across the state.

Please join us in raising $100,000 this month, to cover the cost of informing Arizona voters and equipping them to vote their values before we go the way of California.

What can you do?

  • Visit and download the 2018 Primary Election Voter Guide. There, you’ll have access to your personalized Voter Guide specific to your district.
  • Give what you can toward CAP’s Voter Guide efforts. Your donation will help us get out the Voter Guide.
  • Supply your church with Voter Guides by ordering bulk copies and sharing them with your church community. Learn how at
  • Spread the word about by forwarding this very important email to friends.
  • If you’re not registered to vote, there’s still time to register for the August 28 Primary Election. You can click here to register right now! Today is the deadline!

Visit today, and use Your Voice, Your Values, and Your Vote.

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