Midterm Elections Matter!

The nomination of a new U.S. Supreme Court Justice underscores the importance of the Arizona midterm elections. Arizonans will elect a new U.S. Senator. That Senator will vote on the confirmation of numerous federal judges, including the likelihood of more Supreme Court justices!

In the upcoming midterm primary elections, with early voting starting August 1, Arizonans will vote on:

1 U.S. Senate seat
All 9 U.S. House of Representatives seats
Arizona Governor
Arizona Secretary of State
Arizona Attorney General
Arizona Treasurer
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Corporation Commission
All Arizona State Senate seats
All Arizona State House seats

To date in our state, we’ve been able to avoid:

All that could change based on how the statewide and state legislative elections turnout.

What happens on August 28 and November 6 will have a direct bearing on you and your family!

Arizona is a targeted state this cycle with millions of dollars pouring in from national groups committed to changing the Arizona landscape and the laws we’ve supported relative to life, family, and religious freedom. These well-funded national groups would like nothing more than to turn Arizona into California.

Midterm elections historically have a low voter turnout. In 2014, only 48% of registered voters took time to vote in Arizona. For the 2016 Presidential election, over 74% voted.

In 2016, one Arizona congressional primary was decided by only 27 votes.

Every vote counts, especially in a midterm election!

I hope you will join with us in encouraging those in your circles of influence to cast informed votes this election season.


Primary Election

Voter Registration Deadline – July 30
Early Voting Begins – August 1
Primary Election – August 28

General Election

Voter Registration Deadline – October 9
Early Voting Begins – October 10
General Election – November 6

CAP’s Voter Guide and Azvoterguide.com

If you have been around Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) for any length of time, you know that the CAP team produces one of the most sought-after, nonpartisan voter educational tools in Arizona: the Voter Guide.

Now in its 20th edition, CAP’s Voter Guide and its online companion tool at www.azvoterguide.com, provides Arizona voters and potential voters with the tools needed to be informed on where the candidates stand on the issues that matter to them.

With straightforward “support” or “oppose” survey questions, the Voter Guide and azvoterguide.com aim to reach over one million Arizonans leading up to the August 28 Primary Election.

This project is ambitious and is not without significant costs.

And it is funded by Arizona families!

For the 2018 Primary Election alone, the printed and online resources are estimated to cost $100,000.

As you know, we do not reach out to you in 5 Minutes for Families to raise funds, but today we are making an exception because of the worthiness of the need. Will you help us on this Friday morning reach more than a million Arizonans before August 28?

Please take two minutes and click here and make your contribution.

Thank you!

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