Don’t Get Caught in “The Spiral of Silence”

Last Saturday at the CAP Family Dinner, we had the privilege of hosting the President of Colson Center for Christian Worldview, John Stonestreet.

In his message, John encouraged us not to get caught in “the spiral of silence,” but to live in light of three truths:

  • Christ is risen from the dead
  • Christ is Lord
  • God has placed us in this specific cultural moment to be agents of reconciliation and restoration

For those unable to attend, please enjoy John’s powerful message from the dinner in the video below:


ICYMI – Latest News & Articles of Interest

  • Opposing Keno: CAP opposes new keno lottery game in Governor’s proposed budget.
  • Brush & Nib: Two Christian artists, owners of Brush & Nib, appear before the Arizona Court of Appeals to challenge lower court ruling that Phoenix’s public accommodation ordinance does not violate their religious freedom.
  • UK toddler, Alfie Evans, is denied sustenance even though he has been able to breathe on his own after breathing support was removed.
  • National Day of Prayer is on Thursday, May 3. For more information click, here.
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