Legalized Marijuana: What Has It Done to Colorado?

drive, driving, driver, car, vehicle, travel, road, streetDespite lofty promises from the marijuana industry, legalizing recreational marijuana has been detrimental to Colorado.

A recent conference in the Phoenix area, “Legalized Marijuana: The Unintended Consequences,” organized by MATFORCE and Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, highlighted the unintended consequences of legalizing marijuana. One of the sessions at the conference focused specifically on the unintended consequences of legalizing marijuana in Colorado.

For this week’s 5 Minutes for Families, I wanted to outline some of the problems Colorado is facing after legalizing recreational marijuana in 2013.

Increase in Marijuana-Related Traffic Deaths:

Increase in Youth Marijuana Use:

Increase in Marijuana-Related Health Emergencies:

Increase in Marijuana Culture:

The above numbers make clear that legalizing recreational marijuana is bad public policy. It might please marijuana users and fatten the wallet of the marijuana industry, but it puts families and children at risk. To be sure, Colorado has benefitted from tax revenues from the medical and recreational marijuana industry, but is .8% of the state’s budget worth all the harm it has caused its citizens?

For additional reports tracking the consequences of legalizing marijuana in Colorado see Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (RMHIDTA).


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