AZ Lawmakers Protect Health Care Professionals, Pass SB 1439

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

No one should be forced to participate in actions that violate their conscience. Nor should they be discriminated against for exercising their right to do so. Today, Arizona lawmakers made that very clear.

House members passed SB 1439 by a vote of 32-24, strengthening existing law that protects health care providers who choose not to participate in end-of-life treatment hastening death that violates their conscience.

The right is established in 25-years of existing law, but SB 1439 provides for legal recourse if health care workers are discriminated against for exercising that right.

It protects doctors and nurses from retaliatory actions in the workplace if they opt out of end-of-life decisions that cause or hasten death.

I applaud the House and the Senate for their bold actions in protecting Arizona health care professionals from discrimination. The bill now goes to Governor Ducey for his consideration.

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