Wisdom from Stonestreet & foolishness from Planned Parenthood

Wisdom and insight from John Stonestreet

If you are not familiar with the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and its BreakPoint commentaries, you are missing key insights into today’s culture from a biblical perspective.

CAP hosted a breakfast earlier this week for Colson Center President John Stonestreet. It was so impactful we wanted to share it with all of our CAP friends.

Listen to what he had to say about specific issues, or you can hear the entire presentation by clicking the link below. Much of what he discuses he writes about in his new book, “A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World” that you can preorder on Amazon now.

Physician assisted death:

Stonestreet reveals the big money push behind the culture of death sweeping our nation under the guise of compassion and relief from “unbearable pain.” Listen to the argument against playing God here.

Engaging the next generation:

The cultural undercurrents will redefine our identities if we are not aware and engaged. Stonestreet talks about how one can biblically engage today’s culture without being part of it. Listen here.

Religious Freedom:

Stonestreet addresses one of the big threats in today’s culture: Religious freedom and how he sees the role of politicians, the U.S. Supreme Court and President Trump’s pragmatic approach. Listen here.

Local Cultural Engagement:

We are all called to engage our local culture, though it may look very different one from another. Listen here to what Stonestreet has to say about how and why we must engage.

You can hear the full discussion between Cathi and John Stonestreet  here.

Update on local religious freedom case

The case of two Phoenix artists fighting for their right to live and work according to their beliefs moves forward with Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filing an opening brief at the Arizona Court of Appeals challenging the city’s sexual orientation, gender identity (SOGI) law.

The law forces the artists to celebrate same-sex ceremonies and forbids them from publicly communicating their Christian beliefs – a blatant disregard for the First Amendment.

Read the latest here.

President Trump offers to continue funding Planned Parenthood… if it stops doing abortions

The offer didn’t go over well with the abortion giant’s leader who continued a debunked argument that taxpayer money pays for other services, not abortions. She ignores the fact that the more than $500-million dollars a year in taxpayer money that funds Planned Parenthood frees up other dollars to pay for abortions directly. It’s a no-brainer that taxpayers at a minimum are indirectly subsidizing the abortion business.

Read more on President Trump’s offer and his stance on Planned Parenthood here


Bad Bill of the Week

Stealing innocence

Should public schools be teaching sex education and if so, at what age? How about starting at kindergarten? Well, Senator Juan Mendez introduced a bill that would require school districts to teach sex ed starting in kindergarten. SB 1491’s version of sex education includes the promotion of “heathy attitudes” regarding gender identity, expression, sexuality, and sexual orientation . It would also require parents to opt-out of their child attending the class instead of opting-in. Thankfully, this bad bill hasn’t received a legislative hearing.

Read the bill here: SB 1491.

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