Affirming Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom Day

Monday, January 16 marks the 231st anniversary of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom. Since its passage, presidents have proclaimed January 16 Religious Freedom Day, a day to celebrate a right we value as fundamental to America, and one we should never take for granted. Religious freedom minded organizations work with public schools on ways to mark this anniversary and teach students about the importance of protecting religious expression.

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“No human freedom is more fundamental than the right to worship…”

In line with the national proclamation, Governor Doug Ducey has proclaimed January 16th, 2017 as “Religious Freedom Day” in Arizona. In the official proclamation, he makes it clear that “no human freedom is more fundamental than the right to worship in accordance with one’s conscience.” He reminds Arizonans that America was “founded by people seeking haven from religious persecution, and religious freedom remains one of this land’s greatest blessings.”

I couldn’t agree more. That is why we work to preserve this right and will monitor any threat to it that emerges this legislative session.

Read the proclamation here.


Committed to religious freedom

As threats to religious freedom continue to emerge in Arizona and throughout the nation, leaders from various faiths have come together to reject such coercive pressure. More than 75 faith leaders expressed their commitment to preserving freedom and opposing sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) laws due to their inherent threat to one’s right to live and work according to their deeply held beliefs. They have signed a letter titled, “Preserve Freedom, Reject Coercion”

Read the letter here.


Arizona makes list of All-Stars… again!

The Grand Canyon state made American’s United for Life’s All-Star list again for its efforts in protecting the preborn and the wellbeing of their mothers. AUL noted Arizona’s recent efforts to regulate and inspect abortion clinics and last year’s law prohibiting the trafficking of aborted baby body parts. Arizona is listed #5 in the top ten for “Most Protective States.” Arizona made the All-Stars in 2014 as well.

Read more about the rankings here.


Bad Bill of the Week


Ignoring voters, lawmaker introduces marijuana bills

We begin a new feature this week that will highlight the lowlight of the week at the Capitol. We will inform you of the bad bills being introduced and keep you up to date on where they stand as session unfolds.

Just two months ago, voters defeated a measure to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona. Apparently, some legislators think they know better and want to usurp the will of voters. Representative Cardenas has introduced two marijuana bills this session. One, HB2002, would legalize recreational use and allow the state to regulate and tax it. Sound familiar? HB2002 decriminalizes marijuana, making it a petty offense to possess small amounts of the drug.

Read the proposed changes to the law here.

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