How We Did It Together

A sea of youngsters covered the streets of Phoenix one Saturday afternoon in October. Dressed in T-shirts boldly claiming God Belongs in My City, more than 1,500 Hispanic youth marched in support to demonstrate their faith. Center for Arizona Policy Community Relations Director Obed Escobar helped lead the way.

GodBelongsinMyCity4.jpgPastor Asbel Gonzalez of El Shaddai Christian Church is grateful, “Thank you for the great work CAP has been doing for our churches and for our families.” He has come to know and work with Obed over the years. “Your hard work and dedication has really helped us out in a time when our biblical values are being challenged.”

Obed’s work at CAP has hit its stride in 2016. He has helped build bridges over language barriers and work alongside pastors and community members fighting our same fight. Pastor Freddy Delgado from Church of God For The Nations notes, “Not only do you do an excellent work representing our values at the state Capitol but we also appreciate your Pastors’ Summits and training opportunities to learn more about how to protect our churches and ministries.”

Prop205Rally.pngCAP also sent nearly 130,000 AZ Voter Guides to voters throughout the state, including 8,500 bilingual versions. An appreciative Pastor Jonathan Escobar of The Life Project proclaimed, “I just received the Voter Guide, and I can’t begin to thank you and the team at CAP of how helpful this resource is.”

In addition, more than 120,000 voters referenced CAP’s online version of the Voter Guide when making their decisions this past election. We received more than 23,400 visits to our Prop 205 website offering information and resources to fight the measure.

Our get-out-the-vote efforts and our work to defeat the measure to legalize recreational marijuana included dozens of radio, TV, and newspaper interviews reaching hundreds-of-thousands of voters. Our social media campaign included daily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts reaching more than 17,000 people several times each day.

Obed5.jpgThrough precision marketing we got the word out to key groups of voters. One example (right) targeted voters concerned with school choice issues and led them to relevant answers in the Voter Guide.

Strategically targeted Facebook ads sent our message to nearly 1.5 million voters leading up to the General Election, and Robo-calls and mailers got our message into 250,000 homes before Election Day.VoterGuide.png

This kind of precision targeting and repetition has been proven effective on many levels. CAP identified 155,000 eligible voters who were unlikely to vote and then tailored our message on Prop 205 specifically to them. In the end, Prop 205 was defeated by just 67,021 votes, indicating that every mind changed was crucial.

All of this takes strategic planning and well-placed resources. We could never pull it off alone. We are grateful for those who have committed financially to CAP and have made these efforts a reality.

Please consider recommitting to us this next year. Together, we can take on the new challenges ahead, continuing to branch out beyond our reach and effect change in every level throughout the state.

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