Bittersweet CAP Staff Announcement

A Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

“Today, I am both pleased and a bit sad to announce a major staffing change to our Center for Arizona Policy team. There’s always a risk as well as a blessing to having valuable team members – they catch the eye of others.

Yesterday, Arizona House Speaker-elect J.D. Mesnard made it official: Center for Arizona Policy’s General Counsel & VP, Policy Josh Kredit will assume a new position in the Arizona House as Senior Policy Advisor & General Counsel.

Five years ago, Josh joined our CAP team as legislative counsel, fresh out of law school. Since that time, he has filled a critical role at CAP, working with legislators on key legislation for life, marriage and family, and religious freedom.

Josh helped move more than 50 bills through the legislature during these five years. Some highlights include:

  • Ensuring churches, especially small churches, can retain more resources for their missions and are treated equally with regard to property taxes irrespective of whether they can afford to own their property or not.
  • Requiring abortion clinics to be subject to the same inspection standards as all other health care institutions.
  • Prohibiting the research, experimentation, and trafficking of aborted babies or their body parts.
  • Ensuring public universities and community colleges cannot limit free speech to only specific “zones.”

Join me in congratulating Josh on his important work so far, and his new job that will afford him continued opportunity to touch the lives of Arizona families. I am overwhelmingly grateful for Josh’s leadership and contributions to the work of CAP. He’s made a difference and will continue to do so in this next part of his journey. Godspeed and God Bless to Josh and his family!

Josh is among a long list of extraordinary team members who God has used at CAP and then moved on to continue his work elsewhere. We have seen members go on to effect change at the Arizona Attorney General’s office then become the President of the CAP-associated group in Ohio (Aaron Baer). Others went on to be accepted for law school at Harvard, Columbia and the University of Virginia. CAP is blessed to have benefited from their work and been part of God’s bigger plan.”

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