Some days you have to just love the hypocrisy of the left.

You may have seen the recent announcement by fashion designer Sophie Theallet that she will not “dress” the next First Lady, Melania Trump. Theallet stated:

“The Sophie Theallet brand stands against all discrimination and prejudice. Our runway shows, ad campaigns, and celebrity dressing have always been a celebration of diversity and a reflection of the world we live in … as one who celebrates and strives for diversity, individual freedom, and respect for all lifestyles, I will not participate in dressing or associate myself with the next first lady. The rhetoric … unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign [is] incompatible with the shared values we live by.”

We respect Theallet’s stand. She shouldn’t be forced to use her artistic expression to design clothing for an individual whom she has significant differences in beliefs.

That’s freedom in America. That’s her First Amendment right to associate, express her free speech, and express her beliefs or conscience.

Theallet has the freedom to use her talents to participate in events that she does not believe in or agree with.

Now for the hypocrisy….

Those who defend Theallet’s right typically are loath to defend the rights of Barronelle Stutzman, Brush and Nib artists, Hands on Originals, or Jack Phillips.

You know the story. These are the small business owners who live and work according to their faith. They use their creative expression and talent to design flowers or wedding invitations. To bake cakes. To make t-shirts.

All have served or are willing to serve individuals regardless of sexual orientation. Yet they have declined to participate in events or projects like a same-sex wedding that violate their beliefs. These artists hold to a biblical belief that marriage is only the union of one man and one woman.

The Washington State Supreme Court recently heard Barronelle’s case. The Court now will decide whether the government will punish this Christian grandmother for simply working according to her faith. For more on that case, check out this update from our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom. Or watch the interview I did with Barronelle last year.

At Center for Arizona Policy, we stand for this core belief:

Every citizen should be free to peacefully live and work according to their core convictions without the fear of unjust government punishment. Without fear of being politically incorrect.

If a high-end fashion designer can opt out of serving someone she disagrees with ideologically, a Christian grandmother should have the right to decline to participate in an event that violates her religious beliefs.

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