Leave Nothing Behind

With just four days left and a tightening race to defeat Prop 205, we can leave nothing behind. Every effort must be made to encourage our families, friends, and those within our circles of influence to get to the polls Tuesday – and vote NO on Prop 205!

Recent polls show the race continuing to tighten. We could wake up Wednesday morning with legalized recreational marijuana in Arizona.

Some community leaders in Colorado told CAP they look back with regret on the passage of recreational marijuana there because, they admit, they didn’t do everything they could have to stop it.

Arizona can learn from their lessons:

  1. Do all you can! Make every effort to stop legalization of recreational marijuana in Arizona.
  2. Tax revenue will not pay for schools. Prop 205 calls for tax revenue to first pay for the marijuana industry.
  3. Traffic deaths increase. Marijuana related fatal car crashes jumped 62% when Colorado legalized recreational marijuana.
  4. Where it is legal, a lot more people, including teens, use it. Adult use in Colorado increased 63% and teen use is now 74% higher than the national average.


Regardless of the outcome, the 2016 election will be historic. I urge you to be a part of it. There are more than 100 races and measures on the ballot, many of which could affect you and your family directly.

CAP can advocate at the State Capitol for Arizona families, but it takes each one of us to do our part on Election Day.

Be the difference in your city, our state, our nation. Be the difference November 8th!

What You Can Do to Be the Difference:

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