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Many Arizona voters are buying the lies Prop 205 proponents are selling. Those who casually pay attention believe the claim that legalizing recreational marijuana will send money to local schools but we know that is not true.

Please help us educate voters about Prop 205 – we can stop this disaster together!


Listen here to a Prop 205 proponent caught speechless when
asked about deceptive signs

Listen here to my interview with Family Life Radio’s Dr. Randy Carlson

Some simple points to make when talking to friends who may be wavering:

If they believe AZ schools will get marijuana tax revenue:

  • Many Colorado schools got nothing, including the largest district, Denver.
  • Prop 205 requires revenue to pay for marijuana industry first and foremost.
    • 36-2867(C) “All monies in the marijuana fund must first be expended to pay the costs incurred by the department of marijuana licenses and control in carrying out this chapter and rules adopted pursuant to this chapter.”
    • Consider the rising costs Colorado incurred and Arizona would not be able to avoid:
      • Increase in marijuana-related car crash investigations
      • Increase in marijuana-related hospitalizations
      • Increase in the care of infants born with marijuana in their systems
      • Increase in treatment and diversion programs
      • Increase in marijuana-related investigations and enforcement
      • Increase in related crime

If they want less government and more freedom for individuals:

  • Prop 205 creates more government. Section 36-2853 establishes a new government department consisting of a marijuana commission and an office of the director. See 36-2853(A).
  • The regulatory board is made up largely of those in the marijuana industry, so they are policing themselves. See 36-2853(C).
  • Prop 205 does not allow local communities to opt out of the business. Section 36-2856(A) forces every community with medical marijuana dispensaries to allow retail pot shops as well. Every local jurisdiction in Arizona has medical dispensaries.
  • 68% of local communities in Colorado chose to opt out.
  • Prop 205 creates a marijuana monopoly by giving medical marijuana dispensary owners first crack at retail shop licenses.
  • Home Owners Associations and communities in Arizona would be prohibited from restricting use and growth of marijuana. See 36-2860.

If they think it’s no big deal:

  • Today’s marijuana is nothing like that of the ‘60s. It’s about 15 times more potent and up to 30, 60, even 90 times more potent when in the form of candy. They put it in gummy bears, lollipops, and candy bars and then package them so they look like the real thing.
  • Under Prop 205, users can drive with marijuana in their systems. See 36-2860(B).
  • Colorado marijuana-related fatal car crashes jumped 62% when they legalized recreational marijuana.
  • Teen use in Colorado is now 74% higher than the national average.

If they think it will help get rid of the black market and keep low-level users out of jail:

  • The black market thrives in Colorado. The state attorney general says illegal dealers are now “hiding in plain sight.”
  • Low-level drug possession offenders don’t go to jail in Arizona. They can complete diversion or education programs instead. Those in jail for marijuana offenses also committed other, more serious crimes or have plead down from greater offenses.

If they are concerned about the cancer patients who rely on marijuana to relieve pain:

  • Medical marijuana is already legal in Arizona. Defeating Prop 205 doesn’t change that.

Colorado statistics can be verified here.

Recap –What You Can Do to Be the Difference:

  • Order and share CAP’s Voter Guide here. 
  • Visit azvoterguide.com/prop205 to read the measure, access information on its effect, watch videos, and download resources.
  • Read previous installments of FMF’s dive into Prop 205:
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  • Share this email with your friends and family.
  • Spread the word by talking to anyone within your circles about how Prop 205 threatens and harms the well-being and safety of children and society as a whole.
  • Pray that Arizona voters will resoundingly reject Prop 205.
  • Join us in prayer at the State Capitol on Sunday, November 6. Details here.
  • Participate in Focus on the Family’s 31 days of prayer throughout the month of October.
  • Watch each Friday for our Five Minutes for Families email pointing out another reason to Vote No on 205.
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