My Thoughts on Elections 2016

Increasingly, I am hearing tales of voter fatigue and even disgust with the national political scene. Divisions appear to be exploding within families, within churches, and within the body of Christ.

CAP does not endorse or oppose candidates therefore we will not be commenting on any candidates for any offices.

Please join me in praying for our nation. May we respect one another’s conscience and voting decisions.

Most of all, do not grow weary or lose heart. In Arizona, you and I can be the difference in voting no on Prop 205 and in many state and local races.


Prop 205 Update

The latest poll shows turnout is key to whether Prop 205 passes or fails. A recent poll appears to show the measure to legalize recreational marijuana failing by a tight 43-47 edge. Given the margin of error and the fact that 10% of voters remain undecided, it could go either way.

The more Arizona voters learn about the details of Prop 205, the more they reject it.

Reach out to your circles of influence and share what you know about the deceitful measure and it’s far-reaching consequences. See below for links to a series of FMF articles on Prop 205 and what you can do to stop it.

Listen to what Governor Doug Ducey thinks of the measure here.

We Must Vote

Prop 205 is reason alone to fill out and mail in your ballot or ensure you make it to the polls November 8.

State and local elected officials often have the greatest impact on our daily lives. But don’t vote until you know the candidates.

CAP’s 2016 general election Voter Guide is a non-partisan resource providing clear answers to key questions from candidates on both sides of the aisle. Visit to access your personal Guide.

We have Guides available to share with friends, take to community events or other large gatherings. Order what you believe you can distribute here.

I’m Coming to Visit

I am traveling the state on a Townhall Tour to talk about some of the key issues of the fall election and how our families will be directly impacted. Please visit for details and to register.

It’s going to be a whirlwind, so sign up now for one of the dates and locations below!

Sierra Vista – Monday, October 17
Green Valley – Monday, October 17
Prescott – Friday, October 21
Payson Luncheon – Monday, October 24
Payson Evening – Monday, October 24
Show Low – Tuesday, October 25
Flagstaff – Wednesday, October 26
Lake Havasu City – Thursday, October 27
Kingman – Thursday, October 27
Yuma – Friday, October 28

Recap –What You Can Do to Be the Difference:

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