The Tenth Edition!

We’re celebrating the tenth edition of the Arizona Voter Guide! For ten election cycles, Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) has compiled candidate information and provided voters with a user-friendly guide to informed voting.

In the midst of celebrating, however, we feel a profound sense of urgency. Election Day is just one month away with early voting beginning next week. That’s not a lot of time for voters to learn about all of the candidates and important issues facing them on November 8.

Here’s where you can help:

  • Visit to access information on candidates and ballot measures quickly and easily. It directs you right to candidates in your district – no weeding through races that don’t pertain to you.
  • Visit and read the ballot measure or browse the important facts that matter most to you. You can also view videos on the subject and download resources.
  • Partner with us in getting the general election Voter Guide to as many Arizona voters as possible before they vote on November 8. Generous CAP ministry friends are offering to match, dollar-for-dollar, donations to our Voter Guide campaign in an effort to reach our $150,000 goal. Help us reach the $50,000 match by joining with us and offering a gift today!
  • Share this email with friends and encourage them to visit the Voter Guide website to ensure educated voting this fall.

Although the Voter Guide is non-partisan and CAP does not endorse candidates, we do take positions on policy measures. We strongly urge a NO vote on Prop 205 as the consequences would be far-reaching and detrimental to our society.

Quick Prop 205 facts:

  • It would make high-potency, marijuana-laced candy more accessible to children.
  • Local communities would NOT be able to ban pot shops (though 68% of communities in Colorado banned them).
  • It would lead to a lot more underage use of marijuana. Colorado’s teen marijuana use is now 74% higher than the national average.
  • It would make our roads less safe. Marijuana related fatal car crashes jumped 62% in Colorado when they legalized recreational marijuana.

Prop 205 does not impact medical marijuana which is already legal in Arizona. This initiative is about legalizing recreational marijuana.

Get more facts on Prop 205 at

Join us in celebrating the Voter Guide’s ten year anniversary and help us reach our goal by visiting, share this post with your friends, and give what you can so you, too, can be a part of changing the course of these times and getting Arizona back on track to preserving life, marriage and family, and defending religious freedom.

Together, we can Be the Difference this November!

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