What’s Next

This week, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that Proposition 205 to legalize recreational marijuana will be on the November 8 Arizona ballot.

That means that you and I will be deciding whether or not Arizona becomes the next Colorado and Washington. Just a few of the many sobering things to consider

  • Prop 205 will make high potency marijuana-laced candy more accessible to little, unsuspecting children.
  • Because Arizona’s ballot measures are voter protected, lawmakers here would never be able to adjust the law as Colorado did when it banned marijuana-laced gummy bears after children ended up in the hospital.
  • The measure weakens DUI laws and leaves our roads more dangerous by making it virtually impossible to prove a driver is “high.”
  • Defeating Prop 205 will not make any change or difference for those individuals being treated with medical marijuana. Prop 205 only legalizes smoking pot and pot-infused candy for recreation.

A Brief Word on the Arizona Primary Election Results

  • Voter turnout once again was low, meaning every vote counts. At this writing, two candidates for Arizona House are only 28 votes apart with more ballots still to be counted. Two candidates in one city’s mayor’s race are separated by less than 200 votes.
  • Primaries matter. Often what happens in the primary determines the ideological direction that the legislature will go the next two sessions, especially on issues like life and even religious freedom. We’re still analyzing those results.
  • The General Election will feature several Arizona races with key differences among candidates. Those who support legalized abortion and restricting religious freedom will mount very strong campaigns for seats in the legislature and Congress.
  • Plan to Engage. Now is not the time to grow weary about the political scene or sit out this election. Register voters before the October 10 deadline. Host a CAP speaker for your church or other setting to learn more about Prop 205. Most of all, pray!


ICYMI – Latest News & Articles of Interest

  • A Wyoming judge is in the crosshairs of the conscience police after holding to her deeply held beliefs. Read the latest attack on religious freedom here.
  • Hans Fiene writes in The Federalist an insightful satire on the distortion of God’s design for man and woman. Read it here.
  • Behind the scenes, the current administration is setting up roadblocks for dissenters. Read about it here.
  • Intern with CAP this fall! The election season is one of the most exciting times to intern with CAP. If you’re a college student looking for front line public policy experience, apply for a CAP internship.
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