November Depends on August

It’s widely accepted that election season officially begins just after Labor Day – never mind that it’s been non-stop candidate news for a year now. Even so, Arizonans cannot wait for Labor Day to pay attention. By then it’s too late. The November ballot will be set, leaving us just two choices in most races – typically a Democrat and a Republican.

It is in the Primary Election that voters have a broader choice, a chance to get someone who aligns best with their values on the ticket. Still, voter turnout in most Primary Elections is low, and many end up voting in November for the “lesser of two evils” or whoever represents their chosen party. We can’t let that happen this year. So much is at stake.

For those of us who care about the life of the preborn, family related issues, and the freedom to live and work according to our faith, the election cannot be won in August, but it certainly could be lost.

Arizonans will choose a U.S. Senator, nine U.S. Representatives, state senators and representatives, mayors, and city councilmen and women. These are legislators who will make decisions that directly affect our lives.

For example, in spite of eight years of the Obama Administration’s extreme policies, Arizona legislators passed several CAP supported measures. They secured and even expanded school choice, protected the dignity of the preborn by banning the trafficking of aborted baby body parts, and saved taxpayers money by ending the deceitful practice by Planned Parenthood of over charging Medicaid for medication sold to patients. That’s just to name a few from this year alone.

Next session Arizonans could be facing a push to pass a statewide so-called “nondiscrimination” law. This is the effort underway nationwide to create special privileges based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It’s why Arizona and 23 other states had to take legal action against a move to force public school boys and girls to share showers, locker rooms, and restrooms. Those who are pushing these laws have a plan to go city by city and state by state to push for these radical laws in education, employment, and business.

These laws have greatly infringed on the First Amendment rights of free speech and religious freedom. Christian schools in California are fighting to hold onto their right to teach according to the Scriptures; pastors in Iowa are fighting to continue preaching a biblical view of human sexuality; and schools in nearly half the states in America are fighting dangerous gender-erasing rules.

Yet, even with all of these policies being pushed around us and the officials who will be voting on them appearing on our Primary Election ballots, it is difficult to turnout voters for the Primary.

One reason for the low voter turnout in Primary Elections is the lack of knowledge, both of the candidates and even the races themselves. That’s where Center for Arizona Policy’s Voter Guide and its companion website, can be of great help.

Voters can get a quick idea of where the candidates stand by viewing the answers given by the candidates themselves. Voters can also log on and read more about each candidate and each issue – including health care, minimum wage, background checks for guns, abortion laws, school choice, religious freedom, and more.

CAP will continue to advocate for Arizona families, regardless of the election results. But we could use your help. Please partner with us by talking with your friends and family, sharing the Voter Guide, and encouraging your circle of influence to get informed and vote in the August 30 Primary Election. Early ballots were mailed out just two days ago.

Please also join with us by contributing to the cost of our 2016 Primary Election Voter Guide project. This election year our goal is to reach one million Arizonans through the printed Guide and But we can’t do it without your help!

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