CAP Stands with AZ Officials in Protecting Students

Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President, Cathi Herrod

PHOENIX – “Parents have a right and a responsibility to ensure the safety, privacy, and dignity of their children. And school administrators have a duty to ensure the same for every student. The Obama administration is trying to deny parents and schools that right.

We applaud Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas for joining Texas and other states in their lawsuits against the recent federal directive to open all girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers to boys. No child should be forced to undress in front of someone of the opposite sex.

We will not stand idly by and allow our children to be used as pawns in an extreme political agenda. That is why Center for Arizona Policy stands with Attorney General Brnovich and Superintendent Douglas in their legal efforts to stop the Obama administration’s overreach.

The Obama administration’s willingness to withhold education funding from schools that are committed to ensuring the privacy, safety, and dignity of all students is irresponsible and illegal, according to the Attorney General’s lawsuit.

Center for Arizona Policy will do everything possible to support elected officials in their efforts to fight off extreme political policies that ignore the rights of students and parents. We call on all Arizona elected officials to take a bold stand for the protection of all 1.1-million public school students in Arizona.

In doing so, they will be joining a long list of respectable and courageous leaders throughout the country taking legal action on behalf of students. Parties to the lawsuit include:

State of Texas
Harrold Independent School District, TX
State of Alabama
State of Wisconsin
State of West Virginia
State of Tennessee
Arizona Department of Education
Heber-Overgaard School District, AZ
Paul LePage, Governor of the State of Maine, Pro Se
State of Oklahoma
State of Louisiana
State of Utah”

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