Planned Parenthood Videos Show Abortion is a Modern-Day Slave Trade

Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

Today’s Center for Medical Progress video shows us the utter depravity of the abortion lobby and also highlights the reason why our Congressional delegation needs to hold firm in their determination to defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion-related services at the federal level.

Children are not commodities to be bought and sold – like the slave trade. This video features representatives from Advanced Bioscience Resources and from StemExpress, detailing their quests to get to the front of Planned Parenthood’s door in order to procure the most (and the best) baby body parts coming straight out of abortions. The only difference between the business-savvy abortion lobby and many of the business-savvy slave traders is that the abortion lobby is dealing with innocent babies who have lost their lives at the heartless hands of abortionists. I am repulsed by this thought, and Americans should be too. Our children deserve so much better than to be bought and sold for any reason.

The video also clarifies the urgent need for our federal leaders to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood and to those who covet the baby body parts that Planned Parenthood provides. The representative from Advanced Bioscience Resources admits that her company sends baby body parts to the National Institutes of Health, which receives funding from Congress. I pray that this is addressed by our delegation in the upcoming budget debate in Washington, DC.

The ABR representative states that baby body parts (procurement) “got lost in the mix” when it came to the federal laws and regulations that have been instituted to guide and restrict research and experimentation. She and the other members of the abortion lobby may view babies as “lost” and fair game for abortions, research, or experimentation; however, I view the preborn as precious and uniquely created in the sight of God.

As I said last week, I am more resolved than ever to do what is necessary to protect women and preborn babies from the dangerous and deadly practices undertaken by Planned Parenthood clinics, and to ensure that these innocent little ones are never again lost in the mix or treated like a commodity.”

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