Planned Parenthood Must Open Up Their Records to Investigators

Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod

PHOENIX – “Like millions of Americans, I was horrified to see a top Planned Parenthood official callously discussing the strategic dismemberment of preborn children for the possible sale of their organs. As the video revealed, this issue has struck close to home because the Planned Parenthood executive clearly discussed Arizona as a target state for this process due to Planned Parenthood Arizona having a ‘business savvy’ CEO, Bryan Howard.

Mr. Howard has denied any wrongdoing. Yet his words ring hollow, especially after a new video shows another Planned Parenthood executive saying she ‘wants a Lamborghini’ while discussing compensation for preborn children’s organs.

If Bryan Howard and Planned Parenthood truly have nothing to hide, then prove it. They should open up their records to authorities for an immediate investigation.

There is clearly smoke here, and now the onus is on Bryan Howard and Planned Parenthood to prove there is no fire by opening up their books to investigators. According to Planned Parenthood Arizona’s 2013-2014 annual report, they performed abortions on

7,100 women during that fiscal year. Did they compromise the health and safety of these women in order to profit off their preborn children’s organs?

Arizona women deserve to know.

No more talk, no more excuses.”

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