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Staying Open

Arizona has 31% fewer small businesses than it did just before the COVID-19 outbreak. The government mandated shutdown clearly took a toll. But even as fear of getting the virus drove customers away, fear of being held liable for spreading the virus fueled business...

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Final Vote on Life Bill!

Senate Bill 1457, Sen. Barto’s pro-life bill, likely will be voted on within the next few days.  This bill will protect preborn babies from discrimination by prohibiting abortion based on a genetic condition, like Down syndrome. The constitutionality of this bill was...

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Tweets, Lies & a Surprise

We discuss the week’s events on our latest podcast. Click the graphic to listen.  Surprised, But Alive In a surprise move, Senator Tyler Pace on the Senate floor this week voted against Senator Nancy Barto’s pro-life bill, SB 1457. It was a tough hit to take, but we...

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More Hostility

If there was any question about the pro-abortion movement shifting away from the pro-choice message, straight to an unabashed pro-abortion stance, the question has been answered. During a House Judiciary committee hearing this week at the Arizona Capitol, pro-abortion...

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