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More Hostility

If there was any question about the pro-abortion movement shifting away from the pro-choice message, straight to an unabashed pro-abortion stance, the question has been answered. During a House Judiciary committee hearing this week at the Arizona Capitol, pro-abortion...

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One of the most foundational aspects of being American is the freedom to exercise your religious beliefs, to worship who and how you choose. It is to live and work according to your faith, free from being forced to choose between your faith and your livelihood. Our...

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Four for Four!

Babies, women, and parents were all winners in the Arizona Senate this week! Four CAP-supported bills made it to a final vote on the Senate floor, and all four passed. They now move to the House for consideration. Senators passed all four bills down party lines, with...

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Major Pro-Life Bill Passes Senate!

 Arizona senators sent a clear message today with their passage of SB 1457 – Life is an Arizona value worthy of protection. They told women their safety is more important than the abortion industry’s bottom line, and they told taxpayers their money won’t fund...

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