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Never Say Die

A significant victory for parental rights slipped through the cracks less than three weeks ago when Governor Doug Ducey vetoed SB 1456. But we never say die here at CAP. So, we worked with lawmakers and the Governor’s office to basically revive the bill with the...

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Keep Praying!

One of the most powerful acts for the good of our country happened yesterday as heads bowed and knees bent in submission to God on the 70th annual National Day of Prayer. The official theme asked, “LORD pour out Your LOVE, LIFE, and LIBERTY” on the nation. Organizers...

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What a Week

My head is still spinning after a busy and fruitful week. It started with a veto and ended with a big victory! You may have seen our Breaking News yesterday in celebration of the passage of SB 1457, sponsored by Sen. Nancy Barto. On Monday, the legislature will send...

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Staying Open

Arizona has 31% fewer small businesses than it did just before the COVID-19 outbreak. The government mandated shutdown clearly took a toll. But even as fear of getting the virus drove customers away, fear of being held liable for spreading the virus fueled business...

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Final Vote on Life Bill!

Senate Bill 1457, Sen. Barto’s pro-life bill, likely will be voted on within the next few days.  This bill will protect preborn babies from discrimination by prohibiting abortion based on a genetic condition, like Down syndrome. The constitutionality of this bill was...

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Tweets, Lies & a Surprise

We discuss the week’s events on our latest podcast. Click the graphic to listen.  Surprised, But Alive In a surprise move, Senator Tyler Pace on the Senate floor this week voted against Senator Nancy Barto’s pro-life bill, SB 1457. It was a tough hit to take, but we...

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