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What I Hope You Wouldn’t Do

I strongly dislike the ABC television program “What Would You Do?” for a variety of reasons, but last Friday’s episode crossed the line from annoying to utterly irresponsible. In case you’re unfamiliar – which I sincerely hope is the case – the show sets people up on...

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Sharing Christ with 2 Billion People

I was faced with two options last Thursday night: Watch hours of Royal Wedding coverage. Watch hours of NFL 1st round draft analysis. I ended up going with a third, less glamorous option though: Go to bed early. While the extra sleep is always nice, I found out later...

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Suffer the Little Children

At Center for Arizona Policy, each legislative proposal that we support addresses a specific problem facing families, and each solution we work on with the Legislature is backed by credible social science data and public policy principles. That is particularly true in...

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The Road Ahead

Last week a friend of mine asked me go with her to an open forum and movie screening put on by a Planned Parenthood student group at ASU called Vox. My friend is a member of Student’s For Life and had been asked to sit on a panel and serve as a pro-life voice in the...

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Del Tackett at Calvary Community Church

For those of you that have gone through The Truth Project, you'll know Del Tackett from the 13-part DVD series. He'll be coming to Phoenix this weekend and will be preaching at Calvary Community Church. Click here for details and be sure to check out what Del's been...

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The Plain Truth

It seems like almost everyday the nation’s largest abortion provider sends out an email begging people to contact their elected officials to support taxpayer-funded abortion. I’m continually amazed at their complete disregard for the truth, and their unfounded attacks...

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