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City Elections’ Impact on the State

Hype is steadily growing for the 2012 presidential election, but we may be overlooking a critically important election right in our own neighborhood. On August 30, 2011, cities throughout Arizona will be holding elections for mayor and city council, including Phoenix,...

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Just a few votes

My first voting experience was in the 2008 Presidential primaries. I woke up early and raced to the closest voting station, determined to beat the crowd. But when I arrived, no one was there but several sweet ladies waiting to give me instructions and a bright, red “I...

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Be Encouraged

If you've watched any prime time TV lately, I'm sure you've seen one of the many commercials or news stories promoting homosexuality in one way or another. Sometimes it's a subtle message, and they always try to make it seem as if they are doing a good or noble thing....

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Eggsploiting Women on Campus

I was on my campus in Texas the first time I saw an advertisement for egg donation. A flyer featured a smiling woman next to the prominent headline, “Looking for Very Special Women.” They offered $10,000 for eggs and the assurance that my “special contribution” would...

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What I Hope You Wouldn’t Do

I strongly dislike the ABC television program “What Would You Do?” for a variety of reasons, but last Friday’s episode crossed the line from annoying to utterly irresponsible. In case you’re unfamiliar – which I sincerely hope is the case – the show sets people up on...

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Sharing Christ with 2 Billion People

I was faced with two options last Thursday night: Watch hours of Royal Wedding coverage. Watch hours of NFL 1st round draft analysis. I ended up going with a third, less glamorous option though: Go to bed early. While the extra sleep is always nice, I found out later...

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Suffer the Little Children

At Center for Arizona Policy, each legislative proposal that we support addresses a specific problem facing families, and each solution we work on with the Legislature is backed by credible social science data and public policy principles. That is particularly true in...

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