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Intern with CAP

Interning with CAP provides students with real-life experience working in public policy. See the two descriptions below and email us with any questions. Policy Intern Overview Program Goal – The Internship Program at Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) provides students...

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CAP-Supported Bills Take Effect Today

It’s been 90 days since the legislature adjourned, which means that as of today, most of the bills passed now take effect. It is because you turned out and voted your values that these laws are a reality. Here’s a look at the impact these laws will have. One quick...

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ACTION ALERT: The Voter Guide is Here!

It’s finally here! Center for Arizona Policy’s 2012 Primary Election Voter Guide is now available at There is no denying that this is one of the most critical elections of our lifetime. But even in Arizona, this election is taking on a new...

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