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Faith, Freedom, and Football

High school football coach, Joseph Kennedy, always prayed a quiet prayer of thanks after each game, acknowledging God’s blessings. Players eventually asked to join him, and it became routine – until an atheist player complained and the school district obliged, asking...

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3 For 3

The Arizona Legislature has been in session less than a month and already one CAP-supported bill has passed the full Senate and heads to the House for consideration. Senators passed the Save Women’s Sports Act Wednesday on a party line vote, starting this session off...

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Clashing Worldviews

Children will be guided by someone. Either their parents have that right and responsibility or those running the government, schools, and medical community claim it. The clash of those two worldviews was on full display this week when lawmakers heard HB 2161 in the...

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One Step for Women

Arizona lawmakers took the first step toward protecting girls and women athletes yesterday when the Senate Judiciary Committee passed  SB 1165, the Save Women’s Sports Act. The bill, sponsored by Senator Nancy Barto, ensures a fair playing field by requiring only...

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